Hip Tether System

Flexible Hold with Fewer Hands Required

The Thompson Hip Tether System is ideal for orthopedic surgeons performing total hip replacement. This specialized system utilizes quick, flexible tethers to attach retractor blades to a stable table mounted frame, eliminating the need for extra staff to hold retractors. A low profile design and streamlined set up saves time and space.

Suggested Setups

Hip Tether System


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Elite III Rail Clamp with 2 Joints 22" 43905AC (System Includes 1)
Crossbar with 2 Cam III Joints 7" x 19 ½" 43990 (System Includes 1)
20" Curved Arm with Cleats 1 44203 (System Includes 1)
20" Curved Arm with Cleats 2 44204 (System Includes 1)
Hip Tethers 24" - 5 Pack ( Latex Free ) 42105 (System Includes 2)
Femoral Neck Elevator 14" 45300 (System Includes 1)
Curved Cobra Hip Blade Gold 12 ½" 45302C (System Includes 2)
Curved Hohmann Narrow Hip Blade Purple 12" 45306C (System Includes 2)
Curved Hohmann Wide Hip Blade 12" 45307 (System Includes 1)
Curved Dual Prong Hip Blade 12" 45308 (System Includes 1)
S-Lock Articulating Arm SL42190 (System Includes 1)
Hibbs with Teeth Long 25mm x 75mm (1" x 3") SL46411T (System Includes 1)
Rail Extender 20" Single Clamp 41938 (System Includes 1)
Instrument Case (26" x 10" x 5") 50000BL (System Includes 1)
Instrument Case with Pin Mat (23" x 11" x 3 ½") 50000G (System Includes 1)

System Features

Literature & Video
Hip Selection Guide
Thompson Technique + User Manual: Hip Tether System
Thompson Techniques: Shoulder Exposure Using Hip System Frame

Hip Tether System Set Up Instructions

Muscle Sparing Anterior Hip DAA
Mark J. Powers, MD, FACS, FAAOS