Femur Elevator

Consistent Femur Elevation

The Thompson Retractor Femur Elevator uses a sterile mount Elite Rail Clamp to securely attach to the OR table, providing stable elevation of the femur, eliminating the need for extra staff. The Femur hook and Micro-Adjustable handle allow for consistent and precise positioning.



Note: System is Hana® Table compatible, with the use of a 20″ Rail Extender ( #41938 ) 

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Femur Elevator


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Elite III Rail Clamp with 1 Joint 18" 43902AC (1)
25" Straight Arm with Elevator Handle 44301 (1)
Femur Hook 9" 44309 (1)
Femur Hook 12" 44312 (1)
Instrument Case (26" x 10" x 5") 50000BL (1)

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Femur Elevator
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