Femur Elevator

Consistent Femur Elevation

The Thompson Retractor Femur Elevator uses a sterile mount Elite Rail Clamp to securely attach to the OR table, providing stable elevation of the femur, eliminating the need for extra staff. The Femur hook and Micro-Adjustable handle allow for consistent and precise positioning.

Femur Elevator


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Elite III Rail Clamp with 1 Joint 18" 43902AC (System Includes 1)
25" Straight Arm with Elevator Handle 44301 (System Includes 1)
Femur Hook 9" 44309 (System Includes 1)
Femur Hook 12" 44312 (System Includes 1)
Instrument Case with Pin Mat (23" x 11" x 3 ½") 50000G (System Includes 1)

System Features

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