Breast System

Stable, Hands-Free Retraction

The Thompson Breast Retractor System allows for a quick set-up, virtually unlimited positioning, and rigid, stable retraction where you need it most. The multi-jointed Articulating Arms allow for easy repositioning of blades and multi-planar retraction with a quick twist of the adjustment knob. The low-profile frame provides a clear, unobstructed view and acts as a tireless second set of hands. The large selection of blades accommodates breast procedures such as mastectomies and breast reconstruction, all while suiting varying patient anatomies.

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Breast System


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Elite III Rail Clamp with 2 Joints 18" 43903AC (1)
S-Lock Articulating Arm Small 15 ½ SL42191 (2)
Richardson 25mm x 32mm (1" x 1¼") SL46126 (2)
Richardson 44mm x 51mm (1 ¾" x 2") SL46149 (2)
Richardson 51mm x 76mm (2" x 3") SL46154 (2)
Richardson 51mm x 102mm (2" x 4") SL46150 (2)
Malleable 13mm x 64mm (½" x 2 ½") SL46115 (2)
Malleable 25mm x 102mm (1" x 4") SL46118P (2)
Malleable 25mm x 127mm (1" x 5") SL46119 (2)
Malleable 51mm x 102mm (2" x 4") SL46122P (2)
S-Lock Cat’s Paw 6mm x 38mm (¼” x 1 ½”) SL46402 (2)
Volkman Sharp 4 Prong -16mm x 13mm (⅝" x ½") SL46212 (1)
Murphy Sharp 4 Prong - 25mm x 13mm (1" x ½") SL46214 (1)
Instrument Case (23" x 11" x 3 ½") 50000G (1)

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