Body Contouring System

Uncompromised Exposure for Plastic Surgery

The Body Contouring System can be used in smaller procedures, such as tummy tucks, to large procedures, such as panniculectomies.

System Benefits:

  • Fatigue free retraction
  • Easier, controlled dissection
  • Free up staff
  • Maintain sterile field
  • Multi-function for a variety of body lifts

Suggested Setups

Body Contouring System


Select an item for more information System Features
Elite III Rail Clamp with 1 Joint 22" 43904AC (1)
90° Collapsible Rod with Grooves 44734 (1)
Towel Clip Micro-Adjustable 35028 (2)
Micro-Adjustable II Clip-On Quick Angle 20" SL45007PGP (1)
T-Handle 60020 (2)
Fence 102mm x 102mm (4" x 4") SO46134 (1)
Tummy Tuck 76mm x 140mm (3" x 5 ½") SO46400 (1)
Towel Clip Hook 45mm x 64mm (1 ¾" x 2 ½") SO48001 (1)
Instrument Case (26" x 10" x 5") 50000BL (1)
Body Contouring Bilateral Expansion Kit (Optional) SL82022 (1)

System Features

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Body Contouring System
Body Contouring User Manual

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