Service and Warranty

PRODUCT WARRANTY: Thompson Surgical Instruments, Inc. warrants that all instruments are free from defects in material or workmanship for 10 years *. This warranty is void if failure of the product has resulted from normal wear and tear from instrument use, accident, abuse, misapplication, negligence, or if the product has been damaged, altered or repaired outside of Thompson Surgical’s facility. Warranty void if purchased from a non-authorized supplier/distributor.

* Malleable and Cobra blades carry a two (2) year guarantee against defects in both material and workmanship. Please replace Cobra blades after two (2) years of surgical use or 200 uses if this occurs first to avoid possible fracturing or cracking of Cobra blade tips.

* Hip Tethers can withstand repeat processing cycles. Inspect Hip Tethers for physical defects including but not limited to, elongation, nicks, and pitting. Product end of life is determined by wear and damage due to use. Do not use products that appear damaged.

* Fiberoptic Xenon lighting products carry a 60 day guarantee. Fiberoptic LED lighting products carry a one year guarantee. Fibers are not warranted 
against breakage. Please be cautious when handling and avoid stepping on or kicking the fiber optic cable to prevent damage.

* Blade finishes do not carry a warranty.

* Please note that aluminum blades are sensitive to high and low pH levels. Please follow cleaning and sterilization instructions exactly. (See Thompson 
Retractor IFU.) Failure to do so may cause aluminum blade staining, pitting, or other corrosion and will void blade warranty.


Your Thompson Retractor may be sent in and serviced back to like-new quality **. In the United States only, free loaner sets are available while your equipment is being serviced. Some limitations apply. Any service or repairs performed outside of our facility will void the warranty. Contact your account manager for details.

** Refer to the Service and Maintenance Program sheet for all service and maintenance costs.

** Discontinued or “beyond repair” products may require a replacement purchase.

** Thompson may be unable to service or repair instruments that are beyond their life of 10 years.

FREE TRIALS: In the United States only, Thompson offers 30 day free trials on all stock accessories, blades and systems. A no charge purchase order is required for all trials. Thompson ships the Free Trial via ground shipping.  

Please call your account manager for an RMA # prior to returning any portion of your trial. Shipping charges back to Thompson are the responsibility of the customer. Please reference the RETURNS section below for more details on return shipments.

UPGRADE AND TRADE-IN PROGRAM: Domestically, upgrade discounts are given on the exchange of old components, or exchange of another brand of retractor, toward the purchase of new updated designs. Please call for details.

SPECIAL INSTRUMENTS: THERE ARE NO FREE TRIALS OF SPECIAL INSTRUMENTS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON SPECIAL INSTRUMENTS. Please allow a four week lead time for any Special Instruments to be manufactured.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Any instruments, or unopened packages of single-use products may be returned in resalable condition within 30 days of product receipt and credit will be issued at invoice price for current generation of instruments (inquire within to confirm product generation). Older generation products may be returned in resalable condition within 30 days of product receipt with a 20% restocking fee. Please call your account manager for an RMA # 48 hours prior to returning any product. All sales are final after 30 days.

SHIPPING ERRORS: If a shipping error occurs due to Thompson Surgical Instruments, the company will pay freight both ways for return/exchange of goods. If an ordering facility error occurs, the ordering facility will pay return/exchange freight of goods without a restocking fee/charge.

SHIPPING (USA): Shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility. Most (current product) orders*** ship within five (5) business days via ground transportation unless expedited shipping is requested.

SHIPPING (OUTSIDE USA): Shipping charges are the distributor’s responsibility. Most (current product) orders*** ship within five (5) business days. 

*** Older generation products and Special Instruments have a longer lead time.

RETURNS: Email or call 231-922-0177 (outside the USA: +1-231-922-0177) for an RMA # prior to returning instrumentation. Please note that ALL Distraction Screw sales are final. When returning defective instruments, please send all affected components (for example: if sending a collapsed joint, also send the corresponding rods so that they may be inspected).

All products must be decontaminated before returning. Loaner and trial sets must undergo all steps of decontamination, cleaning, disinfection, inspection, and sterilization before being returned to Thompson Surgical Instruments, Inc. (Hospital must indicate cleaning/sterilization of instruments on return packaging.)

When shipping instrument cases (such as during a product return), DO NOT place Elite Rail Clamps or Power Rail Clamps in instrument cases. Please package Elite Rail Clamps and Power Rail Clamps separately. If not packaged separately, outside of the instrument case, they may damage the instrument case during shipping. Blades and frame components (EXCEPT Rail Clamps) must be placed in instrument case in individual holders (where present) during transportation and shipping to prevent damage.


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