Optimized Solution Leads to Benefits for All

As projections for total joint procedures continue to climb, and we witness a steady migration of procedures to the outpatient setting, Thompson Surgical Instruments continues to innovate and create. The result? A streamlined table mounted total joint solution optimized for a fast paced, high volume operating room, minimizing the need for support staff, and providing uncompromised joint exposure.

You might be thinking “This could not get any better.” It can. The optimized system offers two options for achieving exposure to the hip, knee, and shoulder: Handles and Tethers. Tethers attach with ease for a flexible connection allowing for fast, dynamic positioning. Handles provide a quick attachment with a rigid connection to the retractor blades. Both options allow you to dial in your approach based on your preference. Dr. Mark Powers states “The Thompson Hip System has an elegant design that optimizes the synergy between instrumentation and surgical technique allowing unimpeded visualization…” That’s 3 joints. 2 attachment options. 1 great system.

Whether you are operating at an ASC or hospital, the Thompson Total Joint System provides unparalleled benefits: a system in one tray for efficient processing, an intuitive frame for easy set-up, and a table mounted retractor to free up your OR staff. This is all achieved while ensuring that you have a consistent, stable platform on which to build and perfect your exposure. Dr. Luk Verhelst notes “…the Thompson Retractor is always ready, always willing, never tired…it is my go-to, off the shelf, perfect assistant.”

Try the Thompson Total Joint System. Your team will thank you. Your patients will thank you. You will thank you.