The Heart Pumps Around 1.5 Gallons of Blood Every Minute

American Heart Month is here, and we are reminded of the strength and fragility of this critical organ. Pumping around 1.5 gallons of blood every minute, the heart is the power behind our circulatory system, supplying blood throughout the body. At Thompson Surgical Instruments, we continue our commitment to provide innovative solutions for safe, versatile, and low-profile exposure to the heart; allowing for exceptional visibility of the heart structures when needed the most. 

The Bolling Retractor, surgeon developed and thoughtfully designed, continues to set the standard for exposure of the heart during valve procedures. With an extremely low-profile set-up, Dr. Steven F. Bolling states you can “Set it and Forget it” allowing the focus to remain on the critical task at hand. The Bolling Retractor maintains consistent exposure throughout the procedure while also minimizing interference with the surgical field. 

Compatible with most chest spreaders, the Bolling Retractor gives you, the surgeon, the opportunity to adjust and perfect your exposure based on your preferred approach or patient specific anatomy. Various Baskets, Malleable, and Cushing blade options ensure that you can achieve your desired set-up and Uncompromised Exposure to the heart.

As we kick-off a new year and celebrate American Heart Month we remind ourselves of the many ways to maintain a healthy heart. Not lost in the list of interesting heart facts and statistics is the expertise of surgeons, like you, who are able to fix and repair our most vital organ. Let Thompson provide the stable, Uncompromised Exposure you need to keep the blood flowing.

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