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  • Body Contouring

System Part SL46402

S-Lock Cat’s Paw 6mm x 38mm (¼” x 1 ½”)
  • MIS PLA®
  • MIS PLA®

System Part SL45002GS

S-Lock Quick Angle Handle 6"
  • Frame Arms

System Part SL42191

S-Lock Articulating Arm Small 15 ½
  • Frame Components
  • Hip

System Part SL42190

S-Lock Articulating Arm
  • Cam
  • Handles

System Part SL42127WGP

S-Lock Cam II Clip-On Quick Angle 8" (⅜")
  • Laparoscopic

System Part SL42161

S-Lock Nathanson Adapter

Retractor System S-Lock® RingTrack® General / Vascular / Trauma System

Quick Angle Handles Quickly and precisely angle blades 45º up or down, while the low profile design keeps handles out of the way….

SL Articulating Arm and Long Hibbs Blade

Retractor System S-Lock® Articulating Arm and Long Hibbs Blade

Quick, Easy Adjustments The S-Lock Articulating Arm is easily adjusted and secured with the use of a single adjustment knob….

Retractor System Thompson OneFrame® General / Vascular System

Cam II Clip-On Quick Angle 8″ SL42126WGP (5)…

Retractor System General / Vascular System

Unilateral Systems Set Up Instructions…