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  • Frame Arms

System Part SL42191

S-Lock Articulating Arm Small 15 ½
  • Body Contouring

System Part SL46402

S-Lock Cat’s Paw 6mm x 38mm (¼” x 1 ½”)
  • MIS PLA®
  • MIS PLA®

System Part SL45002GS

S-Lock Quick Angle Handle 6"
  • Frame Components
  • Hip

System Part SL42190

S-Lock Articulating Arm
  • Laparoscopic

System Part SL42161

S-Lock Nathanson Adapter
  • Cam
  • Handles

System Part SL42127WGP

S-Lock Cam II Clip-On Quick Angle 8" (⅜")
SL Articulating Arm and Long Hibbs Blade

Retractor System S-Lock® Articulating Arm and Long Hibbs Blade

Quick, Easy Adjustments The S-Lock Articulating Arm is easily adjusted and secured with the use of a single adjustment knob….

Retractor System S-Lock® RingTrack® General / Vascular / Trauma System

Quick Angle Handles Quickly and precisely angle blades 45º up or down, while the low profile design keeps handles out of the way….

Retractor System Thompson OneFrame® General / Vascular System

Cam II Clip-On Quick Angle 8″ SL42126WGP (5)…

Retractor System General / Vascular System

Unilateral Systems Set Up Instructions…