“Our mission is to provide surgeons, who volunteer their services around the world to the less privileged, with the instruments that make life saving operations possible.”
—Thompson Retractor Foundation

Thompson Surgical is constantly working on new product upgrades and improvements and often offers “trade in” and “upgrade” discounts to our customers. As a result of our product upgrades and promotions, Thompson regularly receives older retractors back. The solution is to refurbish this equipment back to new and donate it to those who need it the most. Thompson understands the needs of missionary surgeons involved in complex surgeries in challenging environments with limited resources and is pleased to donate anywhere from 8-10 retractor systems annually to places in need.

If you would like to find out if you or someone you know is eligible to receive a donation, please click here for an application, or contact Josh Delickta at josh.delickta@thompsonsurgical.com



Scott Brown delivering retractors donated to Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya as coordinated by Dr. Jon Fielder



Dr. Erik Hansen performing a tumor removal with a donated Pediatric System, Kenya.



The Ekwendeni Mission Hospital in Malawi received a retractor donation which has enabled staff to more easily perform open abdominal procedures.



A surgical team in Togo, Africa utilizes a donated Thompson Retractor for an upper abdominal case.



Dr. Igor Vaz, a urologist in Maputo, Mozambique (Africa) who worked with Dr. Kenneth Peters, utilizes a donated Thompson Retractor for a prostatectomy.  The retractor was used to perform over 35 surgeries in the first month it was received at the hospital!



Dr. Catherine, the first fully trained pediatric surgeon in Tanzania, receives her Thompson Retractor from Dr. Matlak in Kenya.
(AIC Kijabe Hospital, Kenya)