User Testimonials:


“This retractor provides focal and dependable retraction in the space between the transverse processes.  This exposure facilitates a transforaminal decompression, pedicle fixation, and intertransverse fusion in those patients in which an open approach is indicated.  The system easily adapts to single or multilevel situations.”

—Vincent Traynelis, MD



“I find the Thompson Retractor an invaluable tool. It is the only retractor of its kind that can accommodate 3, 5, and 10mm instruments. This allows me to perform complex laparoscopic and thoracoscopic cases on infants and children with ease and safety. I recommend it exclusively for all my cases.”

—Thom Lobe, MD



“This system a shoulder-saver and is like having another tireless assistant standing next to me.”

—Steven Thomas, MD



“Optimal visualization and retraction in an increasingly obese surgical population is difficult. Rib cage retraction required suboptimal improvisation with ill-suited blades, until now.”

—David Sindram, MD, PhD



“Thompson did it again…perfect!”

—Mark J. Powers, MD, FACS, FAAOS



“The Thompson Retractor is of use at all times during cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC and is essential for an optimal result.”

—Paul H. Sugarbaker, MD, FACS, FRCS



“The Thompson Hip System has an elegant design that optimizes the synergy between instrumentation and surgical technique allowing unimpeded visualization while performing muscle sparing ( or minimally invasive ) total hip arthroplasty.”

—Mark J. Powers, MD, FACS, FAAOS



“By improving the direct visualization of the native landmarks during Direct Anterior Approach THA, the Thompson Hip Retractor System provides the surgeon with improved confidence for consistent, accurate component placement.”

—Lee E. Rubin, MD



“The Thompson Spine Frame allows me to do cases which I would not have thought possible a few years ago and is absolutely essential in us developing these novel and extensive approaches.”

—Bronek Boszczyk, MD



“Thompson Surgical provides the most hassle-free, versatile retractor.  For those complex, difficult procedures, as well as the routine, its ease of setup, strength and use, as well as lack of constant readjustment, always provides me reliable and safe exposure. Hands down, this should be every surgeon’s go-to retractor.”

—Michael Nizzi, DO, FACOS



“I used it […] on a distal pancreatectomy and it performed well and was very helpful to guide us moving forward with upgrading over the next few years.”

—Andrew W. Gamenthaler



“Thompson products always facilitated my operations!! Great engineering and quality!”

—John (Jeb) Hallett, MD



“The Thompson retractor is, in my view, the best retractor for complex HPB and gastrointestinal surgeries. It has allowed us to minimize the incision for a multi-visceral transplant, allowing it to be performed by a midline approach. The exposure obtained and the independence provided to the surgeons and assistants, provides the right setting for teaching. Every surgical department should have one.”

—Prof Gabriel E. Gondolesi MD, MAAC, FACS



“The advantages of the Thompson Retractor over other retractors include excellent upper abdominal visibility thanks to the ability to perform Subcostal Retraction.  What is particularly good are the multiple set-up options, including the creation of a circle,  catering to multiple procedures and patient sizes including those that are morbidly obese”

—Dr Mehrdad Nikfarjam MBBS, MD, PhD, FRACS



“The Thompson Retractor is in my view the best retractor for liver, hepato-pancreato-biliary and gastic splenic surgery. The access given to the upper abdomen is unmatched by any other system. The availability of valves for overweight and obese patients is also of paramount assistance. I believe that this retractor should be available in all hospitals.”

Prof Luc Delriviere, MBBS, MD, FRCS, FRACS



“The Thompson AL Brau Blades have become essential for the Anterior Mini-Open approach to the lumbar spine with a proven 15 year track record of safety. You get steady, rock solid exposure providing excellent visualization throughout without the need to re-adjust thus saving time by reducing the ‘fiddle factor.'”

—Salvador A. Brau, MD, FACS



“I prefer the Thompson Retractor because it reduces dysphagia by reducing tissue damage”

—Michael G. Fehlings MD PhD FRCSC FACS FRSC



“I use the Thompson retractor on every anterior cervical case, even single level procedures. The set up takes me less than 2 minutes and the improved exposure and solid non-mobile retraction provided is phenomenal.”

—Vincent Traynelis, MD



“The Thompson retractor is essential for all complex Hepato-Pancreatico-Bilary surgery in order to allow for safe and effective dissection and transection.”

—Robert CG Martin, II, MD, PhD, FACS



“I am quicker, more dynamic and precise in my biliary procedures. In addition, I am essentially non-reliant on my assistant for exposure or retraction.”

—David Sindram, MD, PhD



“The Thompson Liver Transplant/Resection System is the best retractor system available.”

—Michael Angelis, MD



“Set it and forget it.”

—Steven Bolling, MD [referring to the Thompson Bolling Mitral Valve Retractor]