Patented Cam II Retractor Handles
  • Clip anywhere on frame
  • Reduce instrument counts with one-piece design
  • Available in angling or non-angling
  • Available in S-Lock® or non-S-Lock

S-Lock Cam II Clip-on Angling 8″ SL42126WA

S-Lock Cam II (non-angling) 8″ SL42126WH

S-Lock Cam II Clip-on Angling 10″ SL42126WAL

Cam II Clip-on Angling 8″ 42126WA

Cam II Clip-on (non-angling) 42126WH

 micro-handle … 
Patented Micro-Adjustable II Retractor Handles
  • Precise, Micro-adjustable retraction
  • Increased leverage and strength when needed
  • Quick and easy adjustment

S-Lock Clip-on Angling 7 3/4″ SL45007CA

S-Lock Clip-on (non-angling) 8 3/4″ SL45007STC

S-Lock Mini Micro Clip-on Angling 8″ (cervical use only) SL45010A

S-Lock Clip-on Angling 10″ SL45006CA

S-Lock Clip-on (non-angling) 10 3/4″ SL45006STC

S-Lock Clip-on Angling 15″ SL45006CAR

S-Lock Slide-on Angling 7 3/4″ SL45007STA

Clip-on Angling 10″ 45006CA

Clip-on Angling 7 3/4″ 45007CA

Clip-on (no-angling) 8 3/4″ 45007STC

Clip-on (non-angling) 10 3/4″ 45006STC

Clip-on Angling 20 1/2″ 45007P

Clip-on Angling 15″ 45006CAR

Slide-on Angling 7 3/4″ 45007STA

S-Lock Angling Hand Held Adapter Handle
  • Convert retractor blades to hand held retractors
  • Allows blades to swivel or lock
  • Ergonomic grip

S-Lock Angling Hand Held Adapter Handle SL42128F