Bookwalter and Synthes Competitive Adapter Handles

Thompson offers competitive adapter handles, allowing you to use any of our over 250 interchangeable and S-Lock blades with the Bookwalter or Synthes retractor frame. All Thompson clip-on handles may be used with OmniTract 1/2″ frame components.

Bookwalter adapter handle

S-Lock Bookwalter Angling Adapter Handle     SL45005AL

S-Lock (non-angling) Bookwalter Adapter Handle  SL45005L 

Synthes Adapter Handle

S-Lock Synthes Angling Adapter Handle     SL45014AL

S-Lock (non-angling) Synthes Adapter Handle     SL45014L


Note: non-S-Lock versions are still available, but may require a longer lead time. Call or email for more information.