Thompson’s Rigid Laparoscopic Holder allows attachment of 3, 5, and 10mm instruments or scopes. Thompson’s other holding arms, the Flexible Laparoscopic Holder and the NEW Laparoscopic Articulating Arm, provide multiple options to uniquely hold scopes and laparoscopic instruments.

    1. Choose a table mount

  • Choose Table Mount

    • lap-tablemounts

      (A) Power Rail Clamp     41950

      (B) Elite II Rail Clamp with 1 Cam Joint 18″ (Recommended—Sterile Mount)     41902AC

      (C) Infinite Height Rail Clamp with 1 Cam Joint (Recommended—Sterile Mount)    41902IRC

  • 2. Choose a holder

  • For Elite II or Infinite Height Rail Clamps:

    • lap-holders

      (A) Laparoscopic Articulating Arm     42138LE

      (B) Flexible Laparoscopic Holder     42133DEN

      (C) Rigid Laparoscopic Holder     42139E

      (D) S-Lock Rigid Laparoscopic Holder     SL42139E

  • For Power Rail Clamp:

    • (A) Laparoscopic Articulating Arm for Power Rail Clamp     42138L

      (B) Flexible Laparoscopic Holder for Power Rail Clamp     42133DN

      (C) Rigid Laparoscopic Holder for Power Rail Clamp     42139N

      (D) S-Lock Rigid Laparoscopic Holder for Power Rail Clamp     SL42139N

  • 3. Choose Attachments

  • Choose Attachments

    • lap-attachments


      (A) Adjustable Scope Grip 5mm – 11mm     33181

      (B) Scope Clip:

      Scope Clip 5mm    42137F
      Scope Clip 7mm    42137S
      Scope Clip 10mm    42137T
      Scope Clip 11mm    42137E
      Custom sizes also available

      (C) Duo Head     42160N

      (D) S-Lock® Nathanson Hooks:

      Small 5mm (169mm x 125mm x 12mm)     SL42200
      Medium 5mm (203mm x 167mm x 16mm)     SL42201
      Large 5mm (240mm x 222mm x 21mm)     SL42202
      Small 6 1/2mm (169mm x 125mm x 12mm)     SL42203
      Medium 6 1/2mm (203mm x 167mm x 16mm)     SL42204
      Large 6 1/2mm (240mm x 222mm x 21mm)     SL42205

      (E) S-Lock Nathanson Adapter (required for use)     SL42161

      (A) Scope Grip (33154) required for use of Scope Grip Bushing

      (B) Scope Grip Bushing (42136F) or (42136TCustom sizes also available


      Non-S-Lock Nathanson Hooks are still available, call for information.