Counterfeit Warning

Thompson Surgical has issued a customer alert in regards to imitation Thompson products that are being illegally sold by companies outside the USA. Several counterfeit Thompson systems, or systems using the Thompson name, have been found online. We have been told by hospitals that these counterfeit systems fall apart after one to two uses, threads strip, and parts gall. These products bear many similarities to Thompson Retractor products, making some of them very hard to distinguish externally from authentic Thompson Retractors.  In addition, sellers of these products unrightfully copy Thompson’s photos, illustrations, and marketing.

Counterfeit products are not manufactured by Thompson Surgical and are not covered by the Thompson Lifetime Warranty. We do not provide service for counterfeit products. Thompson Retractors are all designed, machined, and assembled in our Michigan manufacturing facility. We do not have any other manufacturing facilities or offices anywhere in the world.

Thompson only sells through inside sales representatives and approved distributor groups found on our website. We do not sell our product online, on Ebay, Alibaba, or anywhere else. 

Please also note that Thompson Surgical refurbishes all of our products here at our manufacturing facility. Any refurbishments made outside of our facility will void the warranty.

We encourage all consumers to protect intellectual property and combat counterfeits by reporting suspected counterfeits to